A Rainy Evening

rain15 It was a 27th day of August,2015. I was leaving for home from my college along with my college fellow Umair. He had always come along with me at return to home.
That day we returned both together just like every day. Then we got separate and took our own way. I headed for my van stop impatiently, just reached their and waited for some time for it. I got into the van. The journey to home has been started. Now i could feel a little bit cool as the air was coming in from little holes pierced in the tarpaulin of van. After covering about half distance, i realized that the hot weather was changing. Some clouds were coming over and started to make a cloudy scene.
I had reached my destination. I got out from van and handed over a note of 10 pkr to a gray bearded driver. I walked about a mile to my home, engrossed in my deep thoughts without knowing what’s happening around. These futile thoughts were always with me and still now. I don’t want to own them. I hate this state of mind. Somehow when i have nothing to do, my mind drowns in their sea. And i don’t even realize.
So… where i was… oh! yeah, then i reached home with broken and tired body. Till that time the scene had been set for the rain. But still it hadn’t rained.
I changed my uniform, a little wet with sweat. I was so hungry so i took my lunch. After all i got myself busy in my favorite activities. Doing all that it had been so much time and the wall clock was showing 5 o’clock, that was going to be a lovely evening of my life.
The scene had been set for the rain. I got out of my room and went straight upstairs to the rooftop, knowing that it’s a good weather and wind is blowing. It was a lovely and unexplainable view.
I could feel the cool air entering my lungs, making them refreshed. Also the greenery of plants and trees was giving a soothing effect to my tired eyes and was boosting up my brain’s energy. I looked up to the ashen sky, the clouds were just moving in it here and there.
All this was a message of rain. A rain which would wash out the earth and would make it clean and lively for life.
Our mood has a direct relation with the weather and surroundings. This charming weather had a great effect on people’s mood and expressions. Everyone was greeting each other and was passing joyous comments about that weather as a token of their pleasure.
At last some drops of rain started to fall over the thirsty land. Now i could feel the cold drops of rain falling over me, and i was just like

“Let it rain over me”

singing a lyrics of Pitbull to add some more fun at the moment.
I lied… i hadn’t sung any song at that time, but in fact i thanked almighty Allah(SWT) for his blessings upon us. And suddenly heavy showers of rain started falling, those showers got me out from my deep thoughts and i rushed downstairs…


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